Training and Consultation for Schools

Training and Consultation for Schools

BASICS Training Institute, LLC (BASICS Training) is a subsidiary of BASICS Group Practice, LLC that provides trainings, consultative services and continuing education hours for schools, behavioral health agencies, clinicians and other human service or non-human service organizations.

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Equipped with the latest and most empirically valid research, our instructors at BASICS Training are skilled in providing trainings that will prepare school staff (including teachers, counselors, behavioral specialists, administrators) with the specialized knowledge and strategies to serve students with highest level of care, dignity, and ethics.  Educators are tasked with the extremely vital role of nurturing the minds and hearts of the youth placed in their care.  It is therefore important that they be equipped with the awareness and practical strategies to effectively engage their students in a way that takes into account the students’ mental health and emotional well-being.  The following are some of the trainings that can provided to your staff:

  • “You Can’t Make Me:  How to Effectively Engage and Manage the Oppositional Child”
  • “The Overactive Brain: Effectively Managing Children with Characteristics of ADHD”
  • “How to Promote a Bully-Proof Environment”
  • “Detecting Early Signs of Suicidal or Homicidal Tendencies in Children & Adolescents”
  • “How to Work with Students on the Autism Spectrum”
  • “Maintaining Self-Care and Balance as an Educator”


Through the auspice of BASICS Group Practice, we are also able to provide a wide array of direct, clinical services to schools including:

  • Psychological Assessments
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Prevention Programming
    • Primary Prevention (School-Wide Initiatives)
    • Secondary Prevention (At-Risk Students)
    • Tertiary Prevention (Individualized Acute/Chronic Care)
  • IEP/Special Ed Support
  • Classroom Observations


In addition to training, we have staff who are able to provide consultative services in the school setting that specific to providing administrative staff and teachers with guidance and support.  The scope of this guidance and support would be determined by the Administration of the contracted school.  The following are some examples consultative services that can be provided to teachers and other school personnel:

  • Providing data drive classroom instruction and organizational change strategies.
  • Attending different school meetings (i.e. MDT meetings, IEP meetings, 504 meetings and/or manifestation hearings) and provide clinical guidance.
  • Providing weekly support to teachers and/or staff regarding concerns related to specific students or issues of concern which may be endemic within student culture.
  • Providing consultation around issues related to possible suspensions, expulsions or referrals to C-IEP in cases where school may not be the most appropriate setting for a student.
  • Providing staff with relevant community-based resources when needed and assisting staff with the coordination of services for the student body.
  • Providing Ancillary Services that will aid in providing a comprehensive or department-specific needs assessment for school through surveying staff, providing observations, etc.